A list of weapons found in Castaway 1.

For a list of all Castaway 1 items, click here or here .

Image Name Description Cost Level Strength Special Buyable?
C1ExecutionersSword Executioner's Sword A deadly vintage Executioner's Sword 1500 14 +13 N/A yes
C1FireScimitar Fire Scimitar Elemental, 10% chance of casting Flame N/A 8 +7 10% chance of casting Flame no
C1GiantCleaver Giant Cleaver A brutal looking giant meat cleaver 4000 21 +18 N/A yes
C1IceBlade Ice Blade Elemental, 10% chance of casting Freeze N/A 18 +15 10% chance of casting Freeze no
C1IronSpatha Iron Spatha A sharply pointed iron Spatha 1000 10 +9 N/A yes
C1RustedGladius Rusted Gladius A rusty old Gladius 250 4 +3 N/A yes
C1WoodenStick Wooden Stick A crude wooden stick N/A 1 +1 N/A no

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