In the village in Castaway 1, there is a place known as the Black Smith. It is here that you can buy some useful items that can help you on your journey. The following is a list of all of the items which you can buy at the Black Smith:
Black Smith Logo


Castaway 1 Armor Description Stats Level Price
Leather Armor Old, smelly leather armor +3 3 200
Light Armor A strong mix of leather and steel +5 7 400
Warrior Armor Made for a true Warrior +9 11 800
Knight Armor Worn by the finest of Paladins +13 15 1500
Beserker Armor Made of ancient, dark metal +18 20 3000


Castaway 1 Shields Description Stats Level Price
Targe Shield A classic wooden shield +2 5 300
Soldier's Guard Used by Castaway's old army +4 9 600
Kite Shield A large reinforced wooden shield +6 12 850
Legionnaire Shield A modern steel crafted shield +8 15 1400
Paladin Shield Made for the toughest of Paladins +10 18 2200
Iron Maiden Gives a 5% damage bonus to Shield Bash +14 22 4500


Castaway 1 Weapons Picture Description Stats Level Price
Rusted Gladius
A rusty old Gladius +3 4 250
Iron Spatha
A sharply pointed iron Spatha +9 10 1000
Executioner's Sword
A deadly vintage Executioner's Sword +13 14 1500
Giant Cleaver
A brutal looking giant meat cleaver +18 21 4000


Castaway 1 Accessories Description Level Price
Ring of Might Increases damage by 5% 12 2500
Arcane Pin Increases magic damage by 5% 12 2500
Fortune Medallion Increase the amount of money enemies give 14 2000
Sprint Boots Increases movement speed 16 3000
Accessories Page

The Accessories Page from Castaway 1

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