Skull Pixie is the 1st species of Skulls in Castaway 2, he is a pixie that can't be attack to others, but he would heal and boost them (if pet, is you).

Skull Pixie
Level: 15
Hit Points (HP): 160
Strength: 6
Agility: 25
Defense: 16
Magic: 31

Uses of Skull PixieEdit

Skull Pixie is low on strength, but good at magic, but he cannot attack you, but he could heal or boost when your target is other enemy (not Skull Pixie).

When you attack them, they could flee (they would stop to a wall or the border of the screen), as well they could flee, for dodging attacks.

Skull Pixie is low on health, so it is weak to attack, but they could be different to Revanents or Dracoliches. They are only healing monsters in Castaway 2.

But they could not drop Monster Egg when killed, but the Monster Egg can be obtain for only once, only on Premium Edition (If you are playing in Armor Games, then have an account, then you may have it!)

How to Kill Skull Pixie EasilyEdit

Skull Pixie is low on health, defense, strength but good at agility and magic, so it is easy to attack, or before they could heal themselves or other enemies.

Their strengths is their healing power, to heal themselves and other enemies, and also with boost power to boost themselves and other enemies.

And also with his skills, he could be good at agility, that he could flee to protect to you and your pet's attacks. But their weaknesses that they can be attacked when they are on a wall or the border of the screen.

Their weaknesses is their low health and defense, they could be easily to attack when they are flee, but they could be weak because of magic, their healing and boosting powers.

And also with the low strength, they could not attack to others. If your Eye Guy (all species), or Revanent would dodge attack to Skull Pixie when on the wall, they could take a few damage to them, instead Skull Pixie would attack. 

Skull Pixie has no attack, but if you use as a pet, he could heal or boost you and himself, but he could not help you, but if your enemies would attack your Skull Pixie pet, there could be a chance to dodge, because he could not assist you, but help you to be stronger, to stay in the battle without dying.

So, if you want to attack Skull Pixie, it is easy, and they could not attack you, but instead they could heal themselves. So kill him with a big damage or quickly before he could heal 20 HP for them, or even boost themselves.

Rewards from Killing Skull PixieEdit

When killed, they could drop for the items can be combined, but they could not drop Monster Egg (Skull Pixie). But if you want Skull Pixie as a pet, you will get Premium Edition and you can have a Skull Pixie Monster Egg, you will hatch it on Astraea's Bastion. It takes 25-30 minutes to hatch.

Stats for Using Skull Pixie as a PetEdit

Skull Pixie can be used as a pet for once, but it can be used for Premium Edition only.

Skull Pixie's stats are very okay, but in a low of defense, strength and HP. Here is the stats for Skull Pixie that they could level up for their lowest stats, starts in level 15.

(Note: Feel free to complete this table, for more stats for Skull Pixie.)


Hit Points (HP)

Strength (STR) Agility (AGI) Defense (DEF) Magic (MAG) EXP needed to level up
15 160 6 25 16 31 4990
16 160 6 25 16 31 5672
17 170 6 25 17 32 6398
18 170 7 25 17 33 7168
19 180 7 26 18 33 7982
20 180 7 26 18 34 8840
21 180 7 26 19 35 9742
22 190 7 27 19 35 10688
23 190 8 27 20 36 11678

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