Skull Pixies are the first representative of the Pixie Species you meet. They look like a bare skull with one eye glowing pink. They hover above the ground, like Eye Guys, but opposite to those, the move around like regular monsters. Skull Pixies appear infrequently in all areas after the Eastern Shore. More details on where to find them are on Locations of Castaway 2 Monsters, including a map.

Skull Pixies are different to all other monsters in several ways. They are the only monsters that can not attack directly. Instead they can heal other monsters (for 20 HP) or boost their speed and agility. They are also the only kind of monster that doesn't drop an egg.

Skull Pixies are shy and will flee as soon as you come close, most of the time. This makes it hard to bring them down, even though they have relatively little DEF and HP, as they won't stop until they hit an obstacle. Though it also prevents them from using their magic.

Related Quests Edit

Plenty of Pixie Dust

Pet Edit

The Pixie Dragon is the only regular Monster in Castaway 2 that can't drop an egg. The only way to obtain one is by playing on Armor Games with an account. Premium (available for free now, when logged in) includes a Skull Pixie egg. It takes 30 minutes to hatch. Note that, while the egg stays in the premium tab of the inventory, you can only hatch one Skull Pixie during a game.

Level HP
15 160 6 16 25 31 4990
16 160 6 16 25 31 5672
17 170 6 17 25 32 6398
18 170 7 17 25 33 7168
50 330 13 33 35 55 55040