A Sigil with no quests.

A Sigil is a sentient statue that provides you with quests.

List of areas with Sigils Edit

Area 1 Edit

Map 5 Edit

Map 12 Edit

Area 2 Edit

Map 5 Edit

Area 3 Edit

Map 2 Edit

Map 9 Edit

Area 4 Edit

Map 3 Edit

Map 10 Edit

Map 13 Edit

Area 5 Edit

Map 12 Edit

Area 6 Edit

Map 2 Edit

Map 9 Edit

  • [[Quests|Say No To Necromancy
    Pixie dragon

    A pixie dragon (plenty of pixie dust)

  • Slush Puppy Love

Area 7 Edit

Map 1 Edit

Vicious mcgrub

vicious mc grub being attacked by the main character

]]Map 9

Area 8 Edit

Map 2 Edit

Map 8 Edit

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