The Shank is the first crafted weapon in Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans.

It is a basic weapon, which can cut through one shrub at a time, and is classified as a dagger type weapon.

It is the only weapon crafted from two natural materials. Crafting this weapon will finish a Sigil Quest Make it sharp


Crafted by: Hide x1 + Iron Ore x1 = Shank

The Shank gives the benefits of:

  • +4 STR
  • +0 DEF
  • +0 AGI
  • +0 MAG

Attack Recharge Rate: 1.25 seconds

Stun Chance: 0%

Poison Chance: 0%


The Shank cannot be found naturally.

The shank can be crafted by combining one hide with one iron ore.

The shank cannot be purchased in Astraea's Bastion.

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