Pixie dragon

A pixie dragon pet.

A Pixie Dragon, also known as a Skull Pixie, is a skull-like creature first encountered along the eastern shorelines. Wild Pixie Dragons are always level 15, but, as with all other pets, can attain a higher level with experience.

The special and unique characteristic about this pet is that it doesn't attack. It instead heals 20 of your hp or give you a speed and agility boost every time it would normally "attack".

You can get a Pixie Dragon egg by defeating one in the wild, but it is very rare.

Stats By LevelEdit

Level HP STR DEF AGI MAG XP (for lvl up)
15 160 6 16 25 31 4990
16 160 6 16 25 31 5672
17 170 6 17 25 32 6398
18 170 7 17 25 33 7168

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