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Castaway 2 Edit


You will encounter a variety of monsters in Castaway 2. Monsters have different strengths and abilities.

Monsters usually drop items when defeated. What item can be dropped depends on the kind of monster. You also gain experience and gold when killing a monster. Both follow a pattern:

{Exp ~ = ~ level ~ \times ~ 7}

{Gold ~ = ~ level ~ \times ~ 1.75}

(commercially rounded)

Pets Edit

Interface - Pet Stable

Eggs being taken care of at the stable

Monsters have a chance of dropping an egg when killed. You can hatch pets from collected eggs in the stable in Astraea's Bastion. The kind of pet matches the monster that dropped the egg and will always start at the same level these monsters appear with. The currently active pet will level up alongside you and automatically increase it's stats in the process. Note that pets won't evolve from baby to adult though and therefore neither change size nor gain the specific abilities of the adult version.

You get your first pet as part of a mission at the very beginning of the game. It's a Pink Loomi, a unique pet that can't be hatched from an egg. You can change your pet later on at the stable at Astraea's Bastion simply by clicking on it.


This sigil can revive pets

When a pet dies, it can be revived by the Sigil in front of the stable, given you have picked up the blood it dropped. Reviving costs some gold. A revived pet will immediately appear inside the stable. Pixie Dragons are the only monsters that can't drop an egg. The only way to get one is by playing at Armor games with premium content (free now).

Hatching takes time, depending on the level of the monster inside. It takes 4 minutes per level, therefore up to 104 minutes for a Fire Starter or a DracoLiche. Note that this is calculated by real time, not in-game time.

List of monsters/pets Edit

More detailed info on each monster can be found on their respective page (mostly).

Image Name Lvl Exp Money HP
Hatch Time
Baby Blue Beetle
Baby Blue Beetle 1 7 2 70 11 7 4 0 4
Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle 4 28 7 130 16 13 7 0 16
Baby Poison Bug
Baby Poison Bug 10 70 18 150 36 15 8 34 40
Poison Bug
Poison Bug 14 98 25 160 35 16 10 38 56
Baby Lava Scarab
Baby Lava Scarab 22 154 39 210 60 21 22 70 88
Lava Scarab
Lava Scarab 24 168 42 270 67 27 24 82 96
Field Snake Baby
Field Snake Baby 2 14 4 80 10 8 16 0 8
Field Snake
Field Snake 7 49 12 150 22 15 18 0 28
Baby Thunder Viper
Baby Thunder Viper 10 70 18 160 41 16 7 2 40
Thunder Snake
Thunder Snake 14 98 25 140 17 14 15 39 56
Baby Glacier Anaconda
Baby Glacier Anaconda 17 119 30 200 53 20 29 0 68
Glacier Anaconda
Glacier Anaconda 22 154 39 300 58 30 31 53 88
Baby Eye Guy
Baby Eye Guy 6 42 11 90 12 9 15 0 24
Eye Guy
Eye Guy 9 63 16 130 25 13 10 0 36
Baby Witness
Baby Witness 16 112 28 200 43 20 16 0 64
Witness 20 140 35 260 51 26 20 0 80
Baby Argus Eye
Baby Argus Eye 20 140 35 230 51 23 11 0 80
Argus Eye
Argus Eye 24 168 42 260 54 26 13 54 96
Loomi Baby
Loomi Baby 8 56 14 160 26 16 15 0 32
Loomi 10 70 18 170 33 17 16 0 40
Hell Hound Baby
Hell Hound Baby 20 140 35 260 56 26 30 0 80
Hell Hound
Hell Hound 24 168 42 290 62 29 32 0 96
Gila Monster Baby
Gila Monster Baby 12 84 21 220 33 22 3 2 48
Gila Monster
Gila Monster 18 126 32 290 51 29 6 0 72
Fire Starter Baby
Fire Starter Baby 22 154 39 340 55 34 22 70 88
Fire Starter
Fire Starter 26 182 46 420 68 42 25 83 104
Skull Pixie
Skull Pixie 15 105 26 160 6 16 25 31 60
Revanent 23 161 40 280 53 28 23 71 92
DracoLiche 26 182 46 290 71 29 14 78 104

The content of the following table should be ported to the articles of the respective monster

Name Description How to kill it Levels
Sand Beetle A blue beetle that uses a basic melee attack. First monster you encounter in the game. Just spam attack. 



Field Snake A orange and blue snake. Has a slightly stronger attack than the beetle, and the adults can poison. The babies flee. Also spam attack, but bring antidote just in case of poisoning. (The antidote is dropped by snakes however.)



Eye Guy A flying green creature with one large eye, stubby wings, and a diving attack. Low health, but they will dive at you if you get too close, and have fairly high damage,so be careful not to get into an accidental encounter with one! If you do, sidestep its dives, hit it, and repeat. It might help to lightning the adults.



Loomi  A blue wolf-like creature with red stripes. Loves to run around and have fun, wanting to play with (attack) you. This is the first pet you will get. Be careful not to get too near one, or else it will start chasing you! They have high speed too, so watch out! Other than that, turn around and spam attack before it hurts you.



Poison Beetle Green beetle with pink spikes. They have a much higher chance of poisoning than the snake, and adults will shoot poison at you. Baby: Spam attack, and don't let it poison you. Adult: These beetles have a ranged poison attack. Because of this, it will start shooting poison at you and it chases you. Dodge bullets at all costs. If one is chasing you, lightning it, or get near it at a diagonal direction to melee fight it. Most importantly, bring antidote.



Thunder Viper Golden snake with purple stripes. They have very low health, but make up for it with damage. The adult's lightning strike ability can one-hit-kill.

Baby: Just spam attack. Adult: Their thunder strike deals massive damage, so never let it strike you. If it flashes, it means it is charging up an attack; you only have a second before it strikes you. If you see it flash, move so that it is off the screen, and wait 5 seconds. If one is in the way, lightning strike it, and wait for your ability to recharge before moving on. Proceed with caution!



Gila Monster A tan, bulky 4-legged reptile covered in grey armor plates. Very high HP. Adults can shoot poison, stun, and do a stomping AoE attack.(?) Baby: Spam attack. Killing one takes some time, so beware of other monsters sneaking up on you.



Pixie Skull A floating dragon's skull with a magical pink eye. They can't attack, but can heal other monsters. What's more important here is whether you should waste time killing them or not. Normally, you should ignore them unless you are farming them for eggs or quests. However, in the final boss battle, 5-7 pixies make the boss almost invincible, making them a priority. Use lightning dome or miasma.


Witness A yellow eye-guy. Their diving attack can stun you, and adults can shoot poison at you. These eye-guys have a stunning attack and incredible damage, making it all more important to be able to dodge their attacks, or else you get stuck in a deadly stun-lock. If two or more are chasing you, I recommend using a lightning trap. Adults shoot poison as well.



Glacier Anaconda A light blue snake with teal stripes. These snakes are masters of ice magic with the ability to freeze you. Adults can shoot high damaging ice bolts at you(which can also freeze you) Baby: Spam attack. Adult: The same rules that apply to the poison beetle apply to the ice snake. Don't get too close to one, or it shoots at you and tries to kill you. However, the icy terrain the snakes live in make dodging bullets even harder, as snow slows you down and you slip on ice. Lightning it if the terrain is too much of a hassle.



*All skulls only have 1 form and 1 level, as opposed to a baby and adult form with 2 separate levels.