Old Guard Leggings

"Second hand armour, but it's cozy and has high defence."

Weight: 5
Usable? Yes
Effect: Protects the wearer from damage.
Strength (STR): 0
Agility (AGI): 0
Defense (DEF): 2
Magic (MAG): 0
Buy Amount: 175 G
Sell Amount: 88 G
Premium? No
This item is a Disposable Item.

How to get/make the item / Using this item to create a new itemEdit

The leggings must be bought at Astraea's Bastion, it cannot be crafted. Up at the top left, there is a Weapons Store.

This item can be used in conjunction with a Paladin Talisman to create Paladin Leggings.

Old Guard Leggings + Paladin Talisman = Paladin Leggings

This item has a better armour rating than the Old Guard Leggings.

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