Monster eggs are somewhat rare drops from monsters. Keep in mind not all monsters drop them, but most do. There are 6 different varieties of eggs. There is the basic egg, which is white. The poison egg, which is green. These monsters have poison-based attacks. There is the ice egg, which is blue. These monsters have ice-based attacks. There is the fire egg, which is red. These monsters have fire based attacks. Then there are the lightning eggs, which are yellow. These monsters have lightning-based attacks. The last egg is the necro egg which can only be obtained via premium.

You can take your monster eggs to the shelter to hacth them. You can also take the blood of a deceased pet and ressurect it for a price.

Monster EggsEdit

Baby Blue BeetleEdit

Bb eggBeetle Baby Blue Beetle

Blue BeetleEdit

BbeggFile:Blue Beetle Blue Beetle

Baby Field SnakeEdit

File:Baby Field Snake Egg.png File:Baby Field Snake.png Baby Field Snake

Field SnakeEdit

FSnake eggSnake Field Snake

Baby Eye Guy EggEdit

Beg eggBaby Eye Guy Baby Eye Guy

Eye Guy EggEdit

File:Eye Guy Egg.pngEye Guy Eye Guy

Loomi Baby EggEdit

L egg File:Baby Loomi.png Baby Loomi

Loomi EggEdit

File:Loomi Egg.png Loomi Loomi