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There are many items which you can get from defeating the creatures in Castaway 1 (and Castaway 2, for that matter). The following is a list of the items which you can find (and sell) in Castaway 1:

  • Sand Beetle Shell (3 G)
  • Grass Beetle Shell (10 G)
  • Black Beetle Shell (25 G)
    Baby Blue Beetle 2
  • Sand Snake Skin (10 G)
  • Venom Snake Skin (25 G)
  • Viper Skin (40 G)
  • Scorpion Stinger (13 G)
  • Wild Scorpion Stinger (18 G)
  • Frost Scorpion Stinger (20 G)
  • Mutant Slime (5 G)
  • Female Mutant Slime (8 G)
  • Ice Elemental Eye (18 G)
  • Fire Elemental Eye (25 G)
  • Skull (20 G)
  • Wild Berry (10 G) (heals 20 HP for pet)
  • Island Fruit (50 G) (heals 60 HP for pet)
  • Raw Meat (200 G) (heals 150 HP for pet)
  • Monster Egg (25 G)
  • Shard (3 G) (Ice Shard is 3 G or 2,500 G, I am not sure if there is a glitch with that)

I believe that I have covered everything. (I did get everything, right?)

Mathwiz100 (talk) 15:22, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

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