Greedy Reynard is the 5th boss in Castaway 2. He is the boss of Loomis (even babies).

Greedy Reynard
The room has 3 ways, 2 ways are the room of monsters, 1 way is the room of one of Golem Talismans. To get the way, click here
Spawns when damaged (taken the HP of the boss by you):
Baby Loomis (Level 8)
Note: He is faster in movement speed than the 12 bosses in Castaway 2 with Garm, but slower than Fafnir.

Uses of Greedy ReynardEdit

Greedy Reynard is faster than the 12 bosses in Castaway 2 with Garm (boss of Hell Hounds), but slower than Fafnir. You can know that he is also faster than Level 10 Loomis and Level 8 Baby Loomis. Loomis are fast in movement speed, and Greedy Reynard is the leader of Loomis, he could be stronger than his members (Loomis and Baby Loomis).

Greedy Reynard has no ranged attack, but he could chase you when he goes near to you, and he start to chase you, and he will follow on your way. But be careful, when Greedy Reynard would chase at you, he would walk fast, as well he would run. Be sure you need to increase your Agility above 10 points.

He uses only one attack: Bite. When you are 3 levels above him, he would take a few HP to you instead of 1, but 2-6 HP. His Bite attack would have a chance to stun to the last pet or the hero who's attack to Greedy Reynard.

How to Kill Greedy Reynard EasilyEdit

Greedy Reynard is faster than the 12 bosses in Castaway 2 with Garm (boss of Hell Hounds), but slower than Fafnir. So you need to attack him where you will stay at your place, and kill Greedy Reynard.

When taken of 15%-50% of his HP (not remaining), Greedy Reynard will spawn Baby Loomis (Level 8, stats below) at his place.

Baby Loomi
Hit Points (HP):
Note: His movement speed is fast, and he could chase you when you go near to them.

Use skills like Spin, Shield Bash, Lightning Strike, Venom Spit, and Ice Shard to avoid Greedy Reynard bite you, and bring a big damage to Greedy Reynard. Also with his Baby Loomis.

Requirements from Killing Greedy Reynard EasilyEdit

Rewards from Killing Greedy ReynardEdit

After killing Greedy Reynard, he drops Emerald Globe, and the quest "No More Sand for Reynard" gives Sigil 2 Ruby Shards, 2 Medium Berry Potions, and 350 EXP to you and your active pet.

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