Quests are tasks given to you by Sigils in certain areas. There are two types of quests: killing quests and crafting quests.

Here is the picture to 2 of the Sigils, to know when the Sigil does give quests or does not give quests: 
Castaway2-Sigilwithquests copy

Sigil with Quests


Sigil without Quests

The left one is the Sigil with quests, on her full body is lighten than the right one, which the Sigil does not bring her quests, so no other quests to complete, shows darker body than the left one.

Below here, the quests shown what title of the quests will give those quests from the Sigil. Click the link on how you will complete them, with a description of each of the quests. The quests is divide into 3: Crafting Quests, which the quest requires an item that needed to craft, another is Forge Quests, there are 8 forge quests, which includes the hidden forge: Forgotten Forge. The 8 forge quests that requires an item that needed to craft on the forge based on the forge name, and the item needed to craft on the forge. And the last is Killing Quests and Boss Fights (Quests). There is 15 Boss Quests, the first one is Beat the Bully! and the last one is Homestretch!, and it requires to defeat the boss, based on the title of the quest with a description, to know what boss will require to defeat. And the other one is Killing Quests, you need to defeat some monsters that it is based on the type of the monster you will kill, and the number of monsters needed of type of the monster.

Forge Quests and Crafting Quests will give you EXP when completed, Killing Quests will give you gold (G) when completed, and the Boss Fights will give you a reward (based on the rewards on the title of the quest), and EXP also. 

Missing some quests, needed to find some of the quests, and add a link on each of red words, or the title of the quest. ~ Izanagi12-likes-Monster-Warlord (talk) aka WarlordSheha31 01:44, May 6, 2015 (UTC) (edited)

Crafting QuestsEdit

Forge QuestsEdit

Killing Quests and Boss FightsEdit

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