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The second installment of the castaway series.

Castaway 2
Castaway II title screen
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It starts out similary to the first series. You wake up, without remebering who you are and where you are.

If you want to know about the next few rooms, the general storyline, and specific details, continue. If not, stop reading!Edit

You wake up on a deserted beach, you forgot who you are and where you are, and you decide to explore the island. Soon after, you find a stick, and like the first castaway, pick it up. In the very next room, you find a pink loomi being harassed by blue beetles. You kill the beetles, and the pink loomi gets attached to you and becomes your first pet. A while later, you encounter a sigil, who seems to know you and says you are late. You follow the quests and she describes you work as shoddy. Then, you get a gate key and must fight your way to Big Blue the Meanie. After that, you must find the city of Astreas Bastion. Another Sigil meets you, and the rest of the game parallels similarly Isaac é lindo de mais .

The Hero fighting with his pet Loomi
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