This is the map for the fourth of six parts of Castaway. Thanks to the program "Paint", I was able to create this map myself. It may not be the best map in the world, but it is the only one that exists for Castaway 1.

Wild marsh map

Map 4 of 6

In this map, each box represents a room. The arrows represent the doorways. S = the starting room and G = the room with the generator in it.

I should note that:

  • Room S contains mutants and three wild scorpions
  • Room 1 has only mutants in it
  • Room 2 contains mutants and two black beetles
  • Room 3 contains black beetles
  • Room 4 contains female mutants and a couple of black beetles
  • Room G contains black beetles, female mutants, and one poisonous viper

Well, four down; two to go. Enjoy!

Mathwiz100 (talk) 14:25, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

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