This is the map for the sixth of six parts of Castaway 1. Like the five that came before it, this map was made by me using the program Paint. 

Magma crater map

The final part of Castaway

In this map, each box represents a room. The arrows represent the doorways. S = the starting room and G = the room with the generator in it.

I should note that:

  • Room S contains skeletons
  • Room 1 contains more skeletons
  • Room 2 contains fire elementals (and is the only place where you can find them)
  • Room 3 contains ogres
  • Room 4 contains more ogres and one skeleton warrior
  • Room 5 contains skeleton warriors
  • Room G contains skeleton warriors and the ogre lords

It is only fitting that since this is the final part of Castaway 1, these are the toughest creatures on the island. Once you get the best items from the Blacksmith, my suggestion is to spend all of your money on potions. What else would you spend it on at that point, anyway?

Hopefully this map and the others come in handy on your journey through Castaway 1!

Mathwiz100 (talk) 02:00, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

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