Flashplay - Castaway 2 Part 214:55

Flashplay - Castaway 2 Part 2

Created by the AdmiralKJ

Beat the Bully is the first boss mission which you are given in Castaway 2.

It is given to you by the first Sigil by completing the first two crafting missions.

Big Blue the Meanie is the first boss in the game.

Description Edit

Show Big Blue a thing or two about picking on things his own size. Defeat him and use the Blood of Crius to open the Gate of Crius. From there, continue on your journey until you reach the town of Astraea's Bastion

Objective Edit

Kill 1 Big Blue the Meanie

Big Blue the Meanie

Rewards Edit

5x Ninja Stars

Ninja Star

1x Small Health Potion

Small Health Potion

50 EXP

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