Description: Close to Eye Guys, these monsters (pets) are yellow in color, red eyed, and are normally level 16 in the wild.

These pets can be very useful if you can keep them alive, which is very unlikely because, like in the wild, they will fly into the enemy straight on, normally killing themselves. Witnesses can dercase your mana like -4MP or more, the text colored Purple. enemies have abilities like a field snake poison ability Pixies (Lava Pixie, Forest Pixie, and Grass Pixie ) (Grass Pixie are not in Grasslands.) Pixies can heal or make Venom spits, Witnesses can dercase your Mana like -4MP. or other monsters.

Stats per LevelEdit

Level HP STR DEF AGI MAG XP (for lvl up)
16 200 43 20 16 0 5672

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