Baby Poison Bug is the baby version of the Poison Bug, the 2nd species of beetles in Castaway 2.

Baby Poison Bug
Castaway2-BabyPoisonBug copy
Level: 10
Hit Points (HP): 150
Strength: 36
Agility: 8
Defense: 15
Magic: 34

Uses of Baby Poison Bug(s)Edit

Baby Poison Bug is the poisonus beetle that can be similar to Field Snakes, a normal snake that it is poisonus (mostly, can be happen in adult version of Field Snakes). So, both could be poisonus, applies to your hero and your pet, which both or one of you or your pet can be targeting to them, they could be poisoned who is targeting to one of Baby Poison Bugs.

So mostly, bring Antidotes to stop poisoning, so you cannot be taken a lot of HP to you or your pet from poisoning.

In the adult version of Poison Bugs, it can be easily have a 90%-95% chance to poison you, it is always can be happened in you or your pet, if one of your Poison Bugs is being closer to you even you have been not attacked him, or when attacking other enemies instead of Poison Bugs. Note that they have ranged attack of poison (it could be called Venom Spit that it is similar to your skills.).

So, be careful to use Antidotes. They could be wasted when you have been used a lot when you or your pet had not been posioned.

How to Kill Baby Poison Bug(s) Easily Edit

So you can know that the uses of Baby Poison Bugs is always in the poison element, you can remember that they could be high in magic, and high on poison, means magic can be shooted with poison. It is based from the Magic, so the high in magic, the higher of poison would be get, even it is in high of poisoning, like 4-5 HP taken from each second until it ends, so more HP would be taken by poisoning (if you or your pet could be affected to the poison bringing to the pet or the hero.).

So, if you affected by the poisoning, you will use many Antidotes (based on how much times can Baby Poison Bug(s) can attack you with poison, with chance for that, bite and with poison.), but it could be lesser than 40. Antidotes can be obtained by killing more monsters, has a chance to drop Antidotes, or buy in the shop in Astraea's Bastion or all mini villages (short version of the main village, Astraea's Bastion) for only 20 G for each Antidote. To make the Antidote to easier to use, like when you have been poisoned, and you've been attacked other enemies, you may use in the Quick Slots, and choose what number of slot is empty.

If you have been affected by poison, and you have few Antidotes left, don't worry, have a pet that could be Skull Pixie (only in Premium Edition, healing), or try something like Thunder Snake or Baby Gila Lizard.

But you can know that you have much skills to use, since Baby Poison Bug is low on health, and low on defense, which lacks on both health and defense, it is Baby Poison Bug's weaknesses, his strengths could be high in magic, and poisons enemies. Plus, it can be act like Blue Beetles, just spam attack, and their differ is Baby Poison Bug's poison element while Blue Beetles has no elements.

Drops After KilledEdit

When 1 or more Baby Poison Bugs have been defeated, there could be a chance to drop a craftable item, or a healing potion, or a mana potion, or the herbs like mana and healing, that can be caused by the Teras Berry(ies, if more Baby Poison Bugs dropped many Teras Berries.). 

But there could be a chance to drop a Monster Egg coming to them when dropped, it could be a Monster Egg that the inside of that Monster Egg is the Baby Poison Bug, based what enemy (on the type of the enemy, 1st, 2nd or 3rd species, or they could be Beetles, Snakes, Eye Guys, Loomis, Lizards, or Skulls.) is that.

So if you have been find that there is a Monster Egg dropped by the Baby Poison Bug(s), spacebar on the Monster Egg, and it could be found inside in your inventory. If you want to hatch it immediately, have a Castaway Feather (drops from the enemies), and use it to go back to the main village. Then you are in Astraea's Bastion, go to the stable and there you will hatch the egg, simply click "Add Egg" > click the Monster Egg of Baby Poison Bug (it is color green, because of the poison element of the Baby Poison Bug.), and it takes lesser than 40 minutes to hatch, so be patient, to wait, explore more adventures to get higher levels to become stronger to easily kill those higher level monsters (max is 26). You may use your current pet while exploring.

Status When Using Baby Poison Bug as a PetEdit

For the Pet Stats for Baby Poison Bug below there, you can see that there is a table. In a table, there is the level (starts from level 10), HP (based on the defense, 10 HP per point in Defense Skill, with defensive power.), Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Defense (DEF), Magic (MAG) and also with the EXP (needed to level up your pet).

The starting level of the Baby Poison Bug is level 10, the stats for the starting level is the same as the enemy's stats.

Note: Please complete this one (for mostly). I'll continue some of them. :)

Level Hit Points (HP) Strength (STR) Agility (AGI) Defense (DEF) Magic (MAG) EXP needed to level up
10 150 36 8 15 34 2240
11 160 37 9 16 35 2702
16 5672
17 6398
18 7168

Uses of Baby Poison Bug (Pet)Edit

For the Pet version of the Baby Poison Bug, it can be act as same when enemy version, bite, and have a chance to poison when using his attack. So, his poison (comes from his attack) could be bringing a lot of HP to the lower level enemies like Blue Beetles, Field Snakes, with the baby version of Blue Beetles and Field Snakes, and Baby Eye Guys. Their poison can have a chance to automatically die without any attack except for your Baby Poison Bug.

So, it could be a great help for your pet, as well, better if adult version of the Poison Bug, for the ranged poison attack (called Venom Spit), without taking damage to non-ranged monsters to stay longer, like Glacier Anaconda.

Be careful that the Baby Poison Bug is low on health, defense and agility (it could be the speed of the monster), so the monsters higher than his starting level or even the current level would take a lot of HP, even if they could attack with critical damage, which higher up than the normal damage, so be alert to the HP bar of your pet, maybe they could have few HP, and use Berry Potions (any size) to heal him into a full HP. You can also use Teras Berry(ies) if you want but it can be heal for only 10 HP to your pet.

Baby Poison Bug's strengths is the high damage. He could use his magic attack instead of physical attack, when it can be good at magic. Baby Poison Bug as a poison element (magic attack) that it could be bring poison to those he have been attacked (when your pet is set to assist, which means when you attack a monster, the pet would target to the monster that you've been attacked, or aggressive to select the target which your pet wants to target a nearly monster(s) to him.).

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