Baby Argus Eye is the baby version of Argus Eye, which it is the 3rd and last species of Eye Guys in Castaway 2.

Baby Argus Eye
Level: 20
Hit Points (HP): 230
Strength: 51
Agility: 11
Defense: 23
Magic: 0

Uses of Baby Argus EyeEdit

Baby Argus Eye is the last species of Eye Guys, so they can be higher level. They would act like Baby Witness (not sure with stun by Baby Witness if Baby Argus Eye could stun if acts) but it is quite easy to attack, just like you are attacking of one of all 1st species of Lizards, Snakes, Skulls, Beetles, Eye Guys, and Loomis.

How to Kill Baby Argus Eye EasilyEdit

Baby Argus Eye is level 20, like the level number of Witness. Here is a tactic that you can kill them:

To take away, be sure you need them to attack, with your pet (preferred to Glacier Anacondas, he could take away those Baby Argus Eyes), for better tactics for Baby Argus Eye(s).

Your level can be nearly same level (20) to Baby Argus Eyes, or even upper than the Baby Argus Eyes, to take away for a few damage. (Note: As your level goes up and up, you may have good skill points (or saying, more skill points for better), and you may be take away those Baby Argus Eyes.) When does not work, wear your armored-plated,leather,old guard,saint,minotaur,paladin, or golem (just pick one, or 4 if you want, but your defense can be lowered for a chance, if last Class (Saint and Minotaur), your defense can be up for more.

For better tactic to attack, use the sword that has a highest strength that stores in your inventory (Strength - means that has damage, and max weight so you cannot be overweight, but in the sword, it has no max weight, but it can help you for a damage. Sword means weapon. The weapon can be attacked by others.).

If Baby Argus Eye is very tough, taking more damage to your hero, and use armor (Helmet, Chest Armor, Sleeves, and Leggings). If cannot be worked with armor, please combine until you get Saint and/or Minotaur armor for more defensive to Baby Argus Eye(s).

Drops After KilledEdit

When Baby Argus Eye had been killed, he would drop anything (shell, herbs, or anything can be crafted), but it has a chance that after killed, nothing drops, but there is an another chance to get Monster Egg (for Baby Argus Eye).

So if you have Monster Egg *excitedly*, you can finish the part of a map, which there you can drop Baby Argus Eye - Monster Egg, by attacking all enemies in the screen, or getting a fast time for the hatching time for Baby Argus Eyes, have a Castaway Feather (drops to all enemies, all species on each type of 6 type of enemies), and you can see you are in Astraea's Bastion. Go to the stable (which you can add egg there), and add the Monster Egg of Baby Argus Eye, and it takes almost an hour to hatch.

Status When Using Baby Argus Eye as a PetEdit

After hatching your Baby Argus Eye, name it, and you can activate as your pet, or you can place the pet on the stable (if you want another pet). If you want to release the pet, and your pet can be in danger, but it cannot be undo, but if you want to replace, process to the game, kill Baby Argus Eyes until you have Monster Egg, and do it again from above, and after hatches, and you have been replaced your Baby Argus Eye for the pet. Here is the stats for Baby Argus Eye when used as a pet:

(Note: Please help to complete this one, you may edit this table, but not all (except the table), except if you have more info for Baby Argus Eye.)

Level Hit Points (HP) Strength (STR) Agility (AGI) Defense (DEF) Magic (MAG) EXP needed to level up
20 230 51 11 23 0 8840
21 0 9742
22 0 10688
23 0 11678
24 0 12712
25 0 13790
26 0 14912
27 0 16078
28 0 17288

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