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Anger Just Leads To More Violence is the fourth boss quest/mission.

Poisonous PetuniaEdit

In order to complete this mission, you must defeat Petunia the Angry. This toxic mess is just waiting to poison you, so be careful. Petunia the Angry is a level 14 boss.

After you complete this mission, you will be heading to the East Shore to face Greedy Reynard. You should also find Mnemosyne's Forge and Phoebe's Forge soon.

Exact WordsEdit

Here are the exact words of the mission:

Big Blue's older sister, Petunia, is on the warpath. I don't think reconciliation is in order. Destroy this beast of a beetle and use the Blood of Oceanus to reach the East Shore.
Anger Just Leads to More Violence

Kill 1 Petunia the Angry

Rewards: 3 emerald shards, 1 village gate key, 250 EXP

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